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great weekend

Had a pretty awesome weekend. First I finally got to see the Dark Knight on Friday night in the IMAX theater. In a rare move by Hollywood it actually lived up to the hype. This shall be purchased on DVD as soon as possible!

Saturday Brian and I got up early and headed to Niagara Falls Canada. I purchased a helicopter ride as his birthday gift this year. It’s something he has said for a while that he has always wanted to do. We lucked out on the weather and the skies cleared as we took off. First we headed up over the lake and got to see a sail boat regatta. The helicopter then headed down the Niagara River. As we headed over Lewiston, Brian ask me to marry him and I said yes. We then got to fly directly over the falls, loop around a few times, and then head back across Canadian wine country to the air port. It was a great flight.

After that we went looking for a store to get ice for camping, when we came across a chocolate shop. We stopped and bought a bunch of goodies; include some habanero chocolate which I just sent off to the Shanzer. (Head’s up man chocolate on the way!) The nice people there directed us to a grocery store, we stocked up, including some Canadian coke to bring home (yea coke with sugar), and headed out to Navy Island to do some camping with our friends from work.

Navy Island is some place I always wanted to camp. It’s in the middle of the Niagara River and can only be reached by boat. It was cool being surrounded by nothing but trees and water and having to ‘rough it’ for the night. I wouldn’t call it too rough. We ate like kings, drank like fishes and talked into the night.

In the morning we went out on Frank’s boat. I made the mistake of forgetting my age and agreed to do some tubing. It’s three days later and my neck is still telling me what an idiot I am. However, it was fun, so I’m probably dumb enough to do it again.

Monday night was spent in the hot tube recuperating. ;)
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